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Estateably is an estate settlement platform that provides

Modern tools to dramatically expedite the estate settlement process

Estateably is a blockchain-powered estate settlement platform that allows

Governments to preserve existing procedures while digitizing services for citizens.

The Problem with Estate Settlement Today

The process of settling estates has remained unchanged for decades which has resulted in a painfully slow process that grieving families must navigate

Antiquated process that involves repetitive form filling and document submissions
Multiple participants using separate and incompatible systems of record
Lack of trust amongst estate participants

The Result:

Government Organizations
Private Organizations
Month Process

The Estateably Solution


Accelerate estate settlement by automating the creation of an estate network to share information


Avoid repetitive form filing and document submission with intelligent natural language processing technology


Ensure data is visible only to approved agents with/through advanced cryptography

Blockchain Powered

Establish unprecedented levels of trust among estate network participants by leveraging blockchain technology (The advantages of Blockchain)


Provide beneficiaries with near-real-time estate tracking capabilities


Ensure data privacy with built-in access and permission controls

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