Why we’re here

Estateably was founded after a shared experience of a simple estates administration dragging on for years.

Ari Brojde

My grandmother immigrated to Canada in the late 1960s. When she passed away in November 2015, she left behind a modest estate. Her last will and testament directed that her estate be divided equally amongst her three grandchildren. It took more than three years to settle her estate.

Unfortunately, her story isn’t as unique as one might think. According to the Canadian Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, estate settlement — the process whereby the assets of a deceased person are transferred to beneficiaries — takes an average of 26 to 34 months. They note that this figure relates to relatively simple estates; complex estates can take much longer to close.

In less than a year, we have gone from a beta launch in a single province to full nationwide coverage, more than 500 clients, and are expanding into trust administration. We are now turning our focus on growing both by expanding internationally and building additional complementary products.

We are inspired and passionate problem solvers digitizing, modernizing, and innovating the way trusts and estates are administered. We are incredibly proud of the team we are building, and are just getting started. 

Ari Brojde
Founder & CEO

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