Probate Administration Software Available In Pennsylvania

Probate Administration Software Available In Pennsylvania

The Estateably Team
October 12, 2023

Estateably Expands Estate Administration Software to Pennsylvania

The Estateably team is proud to announce the international expansion of its estate administration software to the United States with support for Pennsylvania probate and estate administration files. The platform responds to the growing needs of professionals nationwide dealing with an aging population for a secure, cloud-based, transparent, and cost-effective solution.

Over the last year, Estateably has enlisted more than 500 professional firms of all sizes to its platform. “We are ecstatic to bring Estateably to Pennsylvania professionals and accomplish a goal of international expansion with our launch into the US market,” said Ari Brojde, CEO of Estateably.

“We are extremely proud of all the accolades Estateably has achieved in the last 12 months, from successful launches in each Canadian province to being named Wills and Estates Software of the Year, we are executing on our goal to bring much-needed efficiency and transparency to the North American estate administration industry.” - Ari Brojde, CEO

What is Estateably?

Estateably is a modern, cloud-based estate administration platform that digitizes and automates the estate administration process. The platform provides firms with the ability to automate surrogate court forms and precedent letters, track estate inventory, and perform estate accounting.

Why Professionals Switch to Estateably

‍Powerful form and letter automation: The platform can automate the generation of surrogate court forms and precedent letters to reduce manual effort, save time, and reduce the possibility of errors.‍

Instant report generation: Instantly generate dozens of court-formatted reports such as formal accounting and automatic calculations for executor compensation.‍

Collaborate with your team from anywhere: Work and communicate on the same file at the same time, anywhere you have an internet connection.‍

Client-disburseable pricing: There are no setup or subscription fees, so you can cancel at any time with per-file pricing starting at just $99 per probate file.

And much more! Find out why professionals are switching to Estateably here.

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