My Experience Working As A Co-Op Student At Estateably

My Experience Working As A Co-Op Student At Estateably

Raine Radke
June 14, 2024

I began working as a Digital Marketing Associate at Estateably in May 2023. As a co-op student from the University of Waterloo, I was eager to learn and contribute, though uncertain about exactly what to expect. Little did I know, this experience would shape not only my skills, but also my perspective on work, growth, and teamwork.

Throughout my role, I had the opportunity to design and tailor content for Estateably’s social media and website, contribute to rebranding initiatives, and collaborate with various teams to execute marketing strategies. Of course, it wasn’t always easy; as someone just starting to learn the ropes, identifying my strengths and figuring out how to fit in was sometimes daunting. However, these trials served to emphasize the significance of adaptability, creativity, and communication—lessons that I readily absorbed thanks to the nurturing environment in Estateably.

From day one, I felt welcomed by the company’s people and was amazed by its culture, where values weren’t just words on a mission statement but integral to every project and interaction. This made my co-op period incredibly valuable, and I am happy to pay it forward by sharing my experience.

Impact Beyond Tasks

In a more corporate setting, it’s easy to feel like a cog in a machine, ticking off tasks without truly creating value in the grand scheme of things. As a co-op student, it can especially feel like it’s difficult to make an impact in such a short time—I’ve heard this sentiment echoed by many.

However, Estateably provided me with a multitude of opportunities to share my ideas, test them in practice, and see their impact; my voice mattered. As it goes, I felt more motivated to push myself to explore new possibilities and take on challenges I might not have considered before.

Culture of Learning

At Estateably, professional growth wasn’t just talked about but actively encouraged. Access to online courses, workshops, and conferences is a key aspect of the company’s culture—creating a space where learning is not just endorsed but celebrated. I felt motivated to learn beyond my expectations and found it more accessible than ever before.

Remote, Yet Connected

Estateably is primarily remote, and while it naturally has its challenges, the HR team and social committee put great effort into ensuring everyone stays connected and informed. One memorable example was when I got to play a competitive online escape room organized by the company. It was a great way to bond with everyone outside of working hours. Despite what they say, I realized remote work can be just as effective and meaningful with the right team and mindset.

An Empowering Team

Having settled into my role and worked as a part-time employee for over a year now, I am happy to continue working with the people who make Estateably more than just a company:

  • My manager, Natalie, who is great at striking the right balance between guidance and independence, giving me the freedom to thrive at my own pace.
  • Ari and Alex, Estateably’s CEO and COO respectively, whose visibility and openness create a genuine sense of unity and collective effort.
  • The Customer Service, Product, and Sales teams—along with many others—who genuinely care for and listen to clients, and continuously inspire others to do the same.

Working at Estateably is a fulfilling and remarkable experience, an eye-opening journey into how businesses can prioritize both their clients and their employees.

Come July 2024, as I transition into a full-time role, I can confidently say that Estateably creates an environment where students and employees alike can truly excel and grow. I am proud to continue working under such supportive mentorship and engaging in innovative, collaborative projects.

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