Are Time Tracking and Lawyer Productivity Tools Really Helpful?

Are Time Tracking and Lawyer Productivity Tools Really Helpful?

The Estateably Team
October 12, 2023

Time management is one of the most important aspects of being a lawyer: time influences productivity, profitability, client satisfaction, and more. Of course, time is always a restraint for lawyers: for example, attorneys must meet deadlines, prep for court or hearing dates, and more.

Considering how much time lawyers spend doing their jobs, you would think that tracking how their time is spent would be a top priority for law firms. After all, they're still using pen and paper to track time and using standard tools like Microsoft Excel to measure that time.

This blog will discuss why time tracking is essential to every lawyer's time management. Let's get started.

1. It Supports Billing and Invoicing

The billing and invoicing process are essential in law firm practice, making it critical that this process be supported and implemented effectively. Without tracking time, lawyers run the risk of producing inaccurate invoices and bills.

Billing is a necessary part of financial and client tracking. If you are billing by the hour, a digital time tracking system ensures that you always know how long you have worked on a project and how much you should charge. This also creates an accurate record of the services performed, so there is no doubt about what the client must pay for. 

A digital time tracking system ensures that all your billing and invoicing remain accurate. No guessing when you worked or how much you should invoice for. No undercharging or overcharging for your services.

Whether a self-employed consultant or a lawyer working at a large firm, your time spent working on client cases should not just cover scheduled face-to-face meetings. You must also keep track of time spent on tasks such as starting with the first phone call to the client, through compiling statements and evidence, in preparation for trial, to travelling to and from meetings; every aspect of your work should be logged and organized in some fashion. 

Without a clear and organized method for your legal time tracking, you may find it challenging to bill your client accurately; this can strain relations with the client and be detrimental to the company's cash flow.

2. Gives Accurate Pricing And Case Estimation

Having a record of how much time you spent on every project and the tasks involved in its completion gives you the ability to manage similar projects in the future better. 

You can better estimate how long you will spend on similar projects in the future. Since you are more aware of the time each case takes, you can set your client a realistic goal for completion and enhance your customer management.

To do this, a lawyer must track the time spent on each legal task. By recording this time in the digital time tracking system, you can charge your clients fairly for services rendered.

3. Creates Accessible Record-Keeping 

Tracking income is simple when using accounting software. It can help you calculate your billable time each week and month and act as a convenient tool to store and monitor completed tasks. If you record all your hours spent on projects with their corresponding tasks, you can create an archive of completed projects that are useful as a form of record-keeping.

This allows you to keep track of your previous work and create a unified archive of every project you've completed. It is also helpful when discussing a specific project with new clients.

4. Improves Communication Between Partners/Co-Workers

The lack of communication between partners and co-workers leads to miscommunication, and miscommunication can lead to big problems.

How often has an attorney told the paralegal or legal assistant to hold the phone for a few minutes before calling back a client? We've all done it, and part of the problem is that we're not exactly sure how long we'll need to hold.

But you can't be sure when you don't have a digital time tracking system in place. And worse, if you need to reschedule, you may forget to do so. A digital time tracking system can help you communicate better with your clients and co-workers. It ensures you have all the time tracking information you need to communicate with your clients and co-workers.

5. Streamlines Team Productivity Management

Time tracking can give you insight into how your attorneys work. What do they spend most of their time working on? Which tasks are the most time-sensitive? How long do they spend on each case or their general work? You can answer all these questions and more by prioritizing time tracking. You can create a workflow system with this information to help them complete tasks on time.

Time tracking effectively ensures your employees have enough time for each task and aren't overloaded with work. It's a systematic method for measuring workload and employee capacity. It can also help identify time management and efficiency flaws so you can introduce measures to improve them.

3 Tips on How to Improve Time Tracking and Management

If you're still struggling with time tracking, don't be discouraged. The following are steps you can take to improve the quality and management of your time:

Create a Time-Tracking Schedule

Create a schedule that allows you to keep tabs on your daily tasks. Make sure that you schedule your time per your daily priorities. If unsure, you can look at your past projects to estimate how much time you need to spend on each task during the day. Keep track of your time so you can continue to schedule your time.

Work Together with Your Team

Once you gauge how long each task should take, plan so you can delegate more efficiently. Don't forget to communicate this with your employees and co-workers. This will help you streamline your workflow.

Use a Reliable Time Tracking and Billing Software

Time tracking and billing software can help you allocate your time and stay on top of deadlines. However, this technology isn't always practical. You need to find a system that is easy to use and has all the time tracking tools you need. It's also important to remember that the more efficient and effective a system is, the more you will be able to grow your business.


Time is money. This saying is as accurate as it's ever been. For lawyers, time is essential to running their business. And this means it's essential to manage time effectively to maximize their time on the most critical aspects of their job. Time tracking and management are an integral part of running a law practice.

If you need help with tracking time or want to take your firm to the next level, you may consider switching to digital time tracking software. This software is designed to streamline your practice and give you everything you need to manage your time and bill effectively.

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