Changes To Ontario Probate Forms In January 2023

Changes to Ontario probate forms are coming into effect on January 30, 2023.
Changes To Ontario Probate Forms In January 2023

As announced earlier this month, several Ontario probate forms are being updated, effective on January 30th. Although the changes are minor compared to 2022's more significant revisions, they do affect many forms.

We compiled a summary of all notable changes below. The full list of amendments can be viewed here.

Form Number / Notable Changes

  • 74B.1 / new form
  • 74.44 / new version
  • 74.49.2 / new version
  • 74.49.3 / new version
  • 74.50 / new version
  • 74.51 / new version
  • 75.8 / new version

All revised Ontario probate forms  are now published and available in Estateably.

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