Estateably For Small Firms And Solo Practitioners

Estateably For Small Firms And Solo Practitioners

The Estateably Team
October 12, 2023


Small firms don't have it easy. From gaining and retaining clients to handling mountains of administrative work, small law firms face unique challenges in all aspects of their work. Thomas Reuters' recent “State of U.S. Small Law Firms Study” sheds light on the issues plaguing these organizations. To combat these challenges, an overwhelming 57% of attorneys have chosen to increase the use of technology in their practice. At Estateably, we constantly work to improve our product for solo practitioners and small law firms. Here are some common frustrations and how our software is best suited to help. 

Administrative Tasks and Forms

The most often-cited challenge faced by small law firms is the overwhelming time spent on administrative tasks. An incredible 77% of small firm lawyers believe that spending too much time on administrative tasks is a moderate or significant challenge. In the realm of wills, estates, and trusts, drafting forms and documents are some of the most menial tasks. Save hours of manpower per file using Estateably's automation features. Input a client's information once, then generate dozens of court forms at the click of a button. Boost your productivity and focus on the parts of your business that will increase your profits and client satisfaction. 

Data Entry

Another commonly cited issue is the lack of internal efficiency. Most legal softwares force you to enter information into the website by hand, wasting time that could be spent practicing law. Manually inputting each asset or transaction can take hours out of a solo practitioner's day. Thankfully, Estateably can instantly extract information from financial account statements. Our Docuvision reads and pulls the transaction dates, descriptions, and values from PDF statements and automatically inputs this data into our accounting table. Reduce the risk of errors compared to manual data entry while elevating your firm's productivity. Later use this information to generate accounting reports and other essential documents.

Complexity of Technology

The third most cited challenge for smaller firms is the increasing complexity of legal technology. Without dedicated IT professionals on staff, many solo practitioners struggle to adapt to the changing technology landscape. With this in mind, we at Estateably have designed an intuitive and easy-to-navigate software for our users. Furthermore, our support staff are available to answer any questions. Our dedicated team is always looking to help our users take full advantage of our product and take any suggestions for improvement. As a solo practitioner, you can rest assured that Estateably will help you navigate our technology and ensure your satisfaction. 

Billing Models

Solo practitioners often report struggling with cost control and expense growth. As more monthly subscriptions pile on, they have more difficulty controlling their financial budgets. At Estateably, we pride ourselves on having worked with small firms to create a sustainable and affordable billing model. Rather than a subscription fee like other software, we charge on a per-file basis and only for the features used. Furthermore, each file is invoiced separately, thus allowing you to easily disburse costs to the client involved. Keep your costs down and affordable by using Estateably.

Keep Ahead of the Competition

A significant concern for many solo practitioners is the increasing competition by other firms and getting left behind. Many others struggle to demonstrate their firm's value to potential clients. Stay ahead of the curve by adopting Estateably's modern solutions to old problems. The increase in productivity, ability to seamlessly share information with your clients digitally, and the implementation of innovative technology will impress prospective clients while also granting you more time to market your firm. Using Estateably will keep you ahead of the curve and the competition.

Going Paperless

In today's climate of remote work and concern for the environment, many small firms are looking to go paperless. Estateably can help small firms transition to a paperless workplace. Our software first allows users to store their information virtually on the cloud, eliminating the hassle of storing physical copies in a small office. Furthermore, use Estateably to generate forms and files straight on your computer before sending them digitally to executors, trustees, and beneficiaries. If your court allows digital filing, you may never have to print another document again. Let our software help you make the jump to digitizing your practice. 


Legal technology is no longer exclusive to large or mid-sized law firms. As Covid interrupted the typical operations of small firms, many have understood the importance of using technology to increase their firm's efficiency and remote capabilities. Estateably empowers solo and small firms to modernize their practice and improve their services. Book a demo today to learn more about how our software can enhance your small firm's efficiency and productivity.

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