Estateably: Canada'S Game-Changer In Estate Administration

Estateably: Canada'S Game-Changer In Estate Administration

Mallory McGrath
October 12, 2023

Being named an Executor in a loved one's Last Will & Testament is a job. Like an actual, full-time, stressful, overwhelming job. You have to balance your own grief after the passing of someone you loved dearly, with a commitment to uphold the last wishes of your loved one. One of the best things that any newly appointed executor can do is to retain the services of an estate administration lawyer or Certified Executor Advisor to help them through the process of applying to the court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (with or without a Will - FYI those are different!) and to administer the estate in the most efficient, timely and cost-limiting manner possible. 

Here's what you don't know --- this paperwork takes FOREVER to complete. It is very repetitive and tedious, and it's actually very easy to forget one tiny detail or leave one small item out. It was not a task that I ever looked forward to (both as a law clerk and now as a Certified Executor Advisor), but one that is essential to do well in order to help families through the administration of a loved one's estate. I always wondered if there was a way to make the process simpler and more effective....

Enter Estateably, the answer to my stressed-out law clerk dreams! The web-based estate administration platform has automated a long, manual labour process for lawyers, law clerks and Certified Executor Advisors alike. What took me anywhere from 4-6 hours (depending on the estate) now takes me 1-2 hours to complete all of the documentation needed to apply for the Certificate of Appointment. This should greatly reduce the cost to an estate when the documents are being prepared by a lawyer (or their law clerk) or a Certified Executor Advisor. 

This platform can only be used by a professional service provider, so that means it isn't something that an Executor/Estate Trustee can use on their own. I  know that some people, when given the role of Executor, really want to try to do it all on their own and save the estate as much money as possible. However, you then run the risk of something being done incorrectly and delaying the estate administration process even more. There are lawyers and Certified Executor Advisors out there who use this new, innovative web-based platform and have streamlined the process to save the estate time and money! If you find yourself speaking to one of these professionals about being a part of the estate administration process for an estate you are executor for, ask them if they've heard of and use the Estateably platform. If they do, you know you are in good hands!

I now use the Estateably platform in my role as a Certified Executor Advisor at my company, Viive Planning. After working with families to plan for the aging & end-of-life process, they want to know that when they die, their wishes will be carried out as we had collaboratively planned together. It gives them peace of mind to know that we at Viive use the Estateably platform and will work with their chosen executor to administer their estate as swiftly as possible and keep the costs low. 

This platform is the ultimate game-changer in the estate administration process. If you are a lawyer, a law clerk working with a lawyer or a Certified Executor Advisor you should be spending no time thinking about it and instead, reaching out to the remarkable team at Estateably to set up your demo now. You owe it to your clients and yourself to automate this process. 

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