How to Streamline Your Workflow with Legal Case Management Software

How to Streamline Your Workflow with Legal Case Management Software

The Estateably Team
October 12, 2023

Is your legal practice overwhelmed with documents and data? From client records to witness statements, calls, and emails, every case generates a significant amount of documentation, and it all needs to be tracked, organized, and close to hand.

This is where legal case management software comes in.

In this blog post, we’ll look at case management software in detail and outline how to choose the best system to stay on top of your firm's cases.

What is Legal Case Management Software?

Case management software is a digital system that helps lawyers manage a legal case from start to finish, from recording the first client contact to storing and archiving the completed case for future reference. Designed to organize information, automate tasks, and manage client communication, these tools help law firms keep track of multiple cases and manage operations more effectively.

While case management software is available as a standalone solution, you’ll often find it within more comprehensive software such as a matter management system.

Why Use Legal Case Management Software?

Small, mid-sized, and large law firms can all benefit from a case management system. Here’s how it can help your legal practice:

Ensure Compliance

This is one of the big benefits of software. You’ll reduce the risk of manual errors when entering information and compiling documents, saving you time in making corrections later. In addition, deadline monitoring features will help ensure you submit information on time. The best legal case management software will also have international formats built in to ensure compliance in other regions.

Improve Efficiency

Software can save you significant time by eliminating manual data input. Features like automated document generation and management make it easy to complete legal forms and find them when needed, while task management capabilities help streamline your workflow and make the best use of internal resources.

Simplify Collaboration

Case management software ensures relevant information is available whenever and wherever you need it instead of gathering dust in a physical filing cabinet. Teams are better able to collaborate on cases or even work remotely while still having access to critical information.

Legal Software Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Legal technology never stands still; software is always being refined and improved in line with broader legal and market trends. So what trends can we expect to impact legal case management systems in 2023?

  • Cyber security is a big concern within the legal industry, so look for risk management tools such as cyber incident reporting and secure data sharing.
  • Artificial intelligence will become increasingly important in legal research and document automation.
  • As alternative fee arrangements, such as fixed fees, start to replace billable hours, case management software will help you keep track of each cost within a case.
  • Outsourcing tasks to third parties is one way to keep costs down; software can help monitor these costs.
  • Increasingly, clients are finding legal help through social media marketing and reviews, so you can expect to see this feeding into analytics and client contact management.

What to Look for in Legal Case Management Software

If you’re in the market for a case management system, here are some core features to look for:

A Centralized Database

Whether it’s client emails, witness statements, case files, or contact information, a centralized database ensures you have all the case details you need at your fingertips. Search functionality lets you find everything easily and share it with your team.

Conflict Checking

Every lawyer knows that checking for conflicts of interest is essential before taking on a case. A case management system can quickly and effectively highlight potential conflicts.

A Calendar

A calendar feature (particularly one that syncs with popular calendar and email systems) can help you manage time more efficiently by keeping track of deadlines and reminding you of appointments.

Task Management

Task management capabilities make it easy to assign tasks to others on your team, monitor their progress, and manage resources more efficiently.

A Secure Client Portal

Communicating with clients plays a major part in legal cases, and you’ll likely be sharing sensitive information with them regularly. A secure, encrypted client portal is essential to ensure the safe transfer of files and data. Many portals also include functionality for sending messages and scheduling meetings.

Document Automation

Automated document assembly makes it easy to create new legal documents and contracts according to a template.

Time Tracking

By recording billable hours, time-tracking technology makes it easier to manage billing and generate invoices. As we’ve seen, one of this year’s trends for legal practice software is alternative fee arrangements, and many systems can be customized to track time in a way that allows this.

How to Choose the Right Legal Case Management Software

Ready to start exploring legal case management software for your law firm? Here are a few tips:

Consider Integration

Take a look at the technology your firm is currently using. Can you easily integrate case management software into your law practice management system? Will it work with your customer communications or legal accounting solution? It’s worth asking providers for free trial periods to see how everything works together.

Keep Security Top of Mind

Security is always a big concern for firms and their clients, so it’s essential to choose software that makes you feel confident about data security. You might also want to check in with some of your top clients, as they may not feel comfortable with a cloud-based solution.

Opt for a Specialized Solution

Software solutions are often tailored for a specific area of law. A solution that aligns with your area of practice, or your geographical location, will deliver maximum efficiency. Consider any features your current tech stack is missing, such as trust accounting, online payments, or expense tracking.

Estateably: The Trust and Estate Solution

Estateably is the platform of choice for trust and estates professionals. Our solution makes it easy to streamline your workflow and stay compliant with the help of document and accounting automation, online collaboration tools, and task management.

Get in touch to find out how you can manage every case more effectively with our tailored software.

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