Estateably Achieves SOC2 Type 1 Compliance

Ari Brojde
Founder & CEO

Specifically geared toward SaaS and other technology companies with a focus on security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy, the SOC 2 standard best meets the demands of customers requiring third-party assurance over information security controls in place at Service Organizations.

This is a significant step in demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the highest security and compliance standards at Estateably.

This extensive reporting standard provides independent validation that Estateably’s internal control environment operates in accordance with the selected American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) trust services principles and criteria. Members of Richter’s dedicated Risk Assurance Practice completed the SOC 2 audit verifying that Estateably’s processes and internal controls are designed appropriately, to meet all the requirements for the AICPA Security, Availability and Confidentiality criteria.

In the coming months, Estateably will be actively working toward our SOC 2, Type II Report, to demonstrate to our customers that our controls are not only properly designed, but that they operate effectively over time to meet the SOC 2 security, availability and confidentiality Trust Services Principles.

To learn more about Estateably’s approach to information security please contact us.

Ari Brojde
Founder & CEO
Ari Brojde is co-founder and CEO of Estateably, a platform that empowers trust and estate professionals to digitize their practices through automation and enhanced compliance while facilitating practice-wide collaboration.

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