Why Lawyers Need A Cloud-Based Estate & Trust Administration

Why Lawyers Need A Cloud-Based Estate & Trust Administration

The Estateably Team
October 12, 2023

1. Internal Collaboration

Estateably's web-based software allows you and your team to work on files seamlessly. Multiple users can all access the same file and manage different tasks. Estateably allows you to assign different tasks to various firm members, update deadlines, leave notes, and ping one another with feedback. Long gone are the days of sending annotated PDFs by email. Simply changing the file will instantly update your colleagues. For example, as an attorney, you can have your paralegal or law clerk enter the basic information, an associate input asset information and timetable, and you review the data and generate the documents or forms. 

2. External Collaboration

Use these features to collaborate with external stakeholders. Estateably allows you to grant access to others outside the firm. Complicated assets? Have the deceased's accountant verify the balance sheet. Not a tax expert? Involve an outside tax lawyer with the estate and trust administration process. Need the executor's or trustee's information or feedback? Have them work with you on the platform. Are assets and an ancillary executor or trustee in a different jurisdiction? Swiftly send them the information they need. By using the cloud, our platform allows collaboration between anyone with an internet connection.

3. Organization-wide metrics

Storing accounts and files on the cloud allows firms and institutions to better monitor the work of their members. Easily see the caseload at your organization, get a snapshot of your teams and their clients, understand how many files each user has, and get insights into your firm's volume over time. These statistics will incorporate what's done outside the office or company time. Understanding your organization's metrics will allow a smoother and more efficient environment at your firm.

4. Mobility

Work from different computer devices and on the go. Simply log into your Estateably from a computer web browser and manage your files. Work on your office computer, home computer, laptop, or device with a browser. This is perfect for lawyers in hybrid workspaces, who travel to their clients, or practice out of different cities or regions. Anywhere with an internet connection, you can add important updates directly to your file(s) or print important documents in a pinch.

5. Rapid Updates

Unlike manually-installed software, web-based applications allow rapid changes without installation on every device. Are there legislative or regulatory changes to probate or accounting requirements? Estateably will quickly implement these changes without requiring any downloads on your end. Want a new feature or integration? Reach out! Our team works tirelessly to incorporate all the necessary tools for our estate and trust law practitioners. 

6. Eliminate Paperwork

By storing the data and documents while allowing easy collaboration between stakeholders, Estateably can help your firm become paperless. Easily input your information to the app either manually or through Docuvision's extraction tool. Then download forms, letters, and accounting documents pdfs to your computer. Send the executor, trustee, or beneficiaries' information digitally and only print when necessary. Our cloud-based software can help any firm transition to a paperless or environmentally-friendly office. 

7. Piece of Mind

Keep all your estate administration information no matter what tragedy strikes. A broken, lost, or stolen computer minimally hampers your time-sensitive files. Being locked out of your office, having your car break down, or an office-wide IT update no longer stops your work for hours at a time. You can rest easy knowing you will always have access to your files no matter what happens to your computer or ability to enter the office. Just log into Estateably from any computer and crisis averted!


Estateably's cloud-based software offers tools traditional software can't. In the evolving digital age, estate and trust lawyers should take advantage of new features, tools, and security provided by estate and trust administration applications. Evolve your practice with the efficiency and flexibility offered by Estateably.

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