Legal Trust Accounting Software: An Essential Tool for Professionals

Legal Trust Accounting Software: An Essential Tool for Professionals

The Estateably Team
October 12, 2023

Attorneys frequently manage trust accounts on behalf of their clients. Holding or receiving client funds, on the other hand, is a massive undertaking.

If your law firm manages trust funds, you understand how critical it is to have trust accounting software tailored to your needs. It can be challenging to choose the best option when so many.

Many solo practitioners and small law firms still rely on antiquated and inefficient accounting software. If you're one of them, your company could be severely disadvantaged.

Inadequate legal accounting software can result in more billing mistakes and more time spent on accounting tasks. It's time to switch to efficient legal accounting methods, whether you're still using paper systems or accounting software that isn't designed for law practice.

Trust accounts must be constantly monitored. This is because there are legal requirements to follow. Accounting practices play a role in the process as well. Good trust accounting software allows attorneys to complete complex transactions quickly and accurately without hiring bookkeepers.

If you're new to trust accounting software, it would be best to continue reading this article to have more information.

What is a Trust Accounting Software?

A trust accounting software is a financial management system for legal firms. It is used to provide clients with information about their funds, manage expenses, and create financial reports for the management of law firms.

It usually consists of several modules designed to accommodate the management of trust assets, trust bank accounts, trust payments, and trust disbursements. This software comes with different modules specifically tailor-made for law firms.

Developers have designed trust accounting software packages to help law firms simplify their trust accounting and meet the legal requirements.

It is essential to mention that trust accounting software is not the same as client accounting software. The latter is used to manage accounting matters for the law firm's clients, whereas the former manages the law firm's trust accounting.

Benefits of Using Trust Accounting Software

Lawyers can take advantage of the following benefits when using a trust accounting software:

1. Provides Accurate Information to Clients

It is essential to make sure that you inform your clients about the status of their trust accounts. You'll have access to the most accurate information when entering the required data into your software.

Your clients should be able to view their accounts online. They can check the status of their funds from a computer or a mobile device. Also, it helps you maintain up-to-date trust account data and allows you to be aware of all transactions.

Moreover, the proper controls of trust accounts are essential to protect clients' funds. Most trust accounting software provides access to the most recent and the most accurate information concerning trust accounts.

The software can offer more detailed information about the financial history of your trust accounts.

2.  Make Tax Reporting Easier

It is critical to be able to store data related to your client's trust accounts to file tax returns on their behalf. Most trust accounting software lets you export data to other software programs and import data from other programs.

Additionally, you can monitor your law firm's performance quarterly, monthly, or weekly with trust accounting software. It gives you a financial snapshot of your company, which helps you plan.

3.  Automatic Billing and Invoicing

Law firms can utilize automatic billing and invoicing tools to create and send bills to clients. The billing software is usually linked to the trust accounting software.

Some of the software packages even include invoice management features. You can purchase automated invoices from vendors and use the invoice management features to create and send bills to clients.

4. Easy Record-Keeping

Keeping track of your trust account data can be quite a challenging task. However, trust accounting software makes it easier to record and keep track of your financial data, including income and expenses.

Lawyers who are not experienced in law firm management may experience challenges tracking the time on issues. You may have to use the manual time tracking system or other traditional tools to track your time.

Nevertheless, you can go for timesheets if you use trust accounting software. This allows you to manage various tasks at the same time.

What Are the Features of Trust Accounting Software That Make It an Asset?

To provide legal accounting firms with the trust accounting software they want, designers have created advanced software that comes with the following features:

1. Flexible Reporting

Some companies prefer using dedicated accounting software that offers customized reporting tools. It helps them create a report and other devices needed in their day-to-day business. This is an added feature that can help you create reports according to your company's needs.

2. Multiple Currencies

Different companies provide trust accounting software packages with multiple currencies. This is to deal with the various currencies in their transactions.

3. Automatic Journal Entries

Trust accounting software helps record data automatically in the form of journal entries. It is necessary to perform journal entries manually. However, trust accounting software can perform the journal entries for you.

4. Automatic Alerts

When there is a transaction in the trust account, the software sets up an alert and is sent to an email address or a mobile device. It is helpful for better management of your trust accounts.

5. Multiple Users

Some companies provide trust accounting software packages to multiple users. This allows users to access the software even if they are away from the office.


If you are still using manual or general accounting software to manage trust accounts of your law firm, you might want to consider using trust accounting software. You'll experience many benefits of using the best trust accounting software available.

Trust accounting software is necessary for any law firm that holds funds on behalf of clients. It is essential to track activities and monitor your clients' trust accounts.

Many features make trust accounting software beneficial for the legal industry. However, choosing the most reliable and efficient software is essential to meet your needs and fulfill your requirements.

If you're looking for trust software for attorneys, Estateably is the best for you! Our powerful and simple trust accounting module tracks and categorizes transactions, calculates trustee compensation fees, and generates formatted reports with a single click. Sign up now!

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