What'S New In Estateably - January 2022

What'S New In Estateably - January 2022

Gabriel St-Maurice
October 12, 2023

Some of the highlights to start the year include:

  • General User feedback & usability enhancements
  • New flexible reporting
  • Privacy & security enhancements

Our team has been hard at work incorporating user feedback into the application this month with improvements to DocuVision, the Activity timeline, flexible reporting and security controls.

Finally, we are releasing significant updates to our trust administration product - if you want to try the product with early access, you can fill in the form here!

If you have any ideas or comments on features you would like to see added to the platform, let us know through our feedback portal.

1) DocuVision Enhancements

DocuVision allows users to automatically extract data from most financial statements or scanned images of statements to import data into the accounting section of the platform directly.

When importing a statement via DocuVision, users can now easily attribute all of the transactions to the capital or revenue account without having to set them one by one.

2) New Task Activity Report Format

Based on user feedback, we've updated the format of the report to make the information easier to digest at a glance. Completed tasks, upcoming deadlines, and task assignees are displayed more prominently, enabling users to quickly capture progress to date and highlight outstanding work.

If you are interested in further customizing the structure, layout or branding of the case activity log report, contact our professional services team through support@estateably.com to create a custom report for your organization.

3) Added Trust Administration Functionality

We are continuing to add functionality to our trust administration product, including:

  • An added third option for beneficiary entitlements (Capital and Revenue)
  • Ability to log which trustee(s) approved or rejected a distribution request
  • Users can flag an activity timeline note as “Trustee Minutes,” which you can isolate later on using the “Trustee Minutes” filter.
  • Quickly create a testamentary trust from an existing estate file

To get started with inter-vivos and testamentary trust administration in Estateably, contact sales@estateably.com to enable your early access.

4) Improvements to the Activity Timeline

Users now can pin an important note or update to the very top of the file's activity timeline so that you or other collaborators can keep it top of mind.

5) Security Controls

Firms can now optionally enable tokenization, which hides sensitive information within specific fields once it is input. If you are interested in enabling data tokenization, please reach out to our team at support@estateably.com.

Upcoming Releases

In the coming weeks, we will announce the release of other great features such as:

Improved Fiduciary Accounting:

  • Cash distributions made in bulk
  • Investment holdings report available in .XLS
  • Set various defaults on a per-file basis (e.g. default account for new transactions, default account type (capital/revenue))
  • Lock previous accounting periods
  • Stock splits (forward and reverse)

Bank and investment Account Synchronization:

Connect your estate or trust accounts to automatically pull in and keep transactions up to date (will become available on all plans until April 30, 2022).

Additional fee compensation calculation models.

We want to hear your feedback on our feedback portal, a big success since its launch. Click here to learn more about our portal and provide your feedback.

If you have any questions about any of the features listed above or suggestions for future features, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@estateably.com.

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