Streamlining Case Management With Customizable Task Lists on Estateably

Streamlining Case Management With Customizable Task Lists on Estateably

The Estateably Team
March 28, 2024

Is manual task management overwhelming your law practice? Even straightforward cases require careful monitoring to ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities, that no essential tasks fall off the radar, and that tasks are completed accurately to meet deadlines. When it comes to more complex cases, task management can easily take over, sucking up even more of your valuable time.

The solution? Estateably’s customizable task lists: an exciting enhancement to our trust and estates management platform that automates task management. This tool allows you to create unique workflows designed for your organization and the types of cases you specialize in. It’s a powerful way to minimize manual administration and maximize productivity in your law firm.

Getting Started with Customizable Task Lists

If you want to streamline workflows within your law practice, it’s easy to start customizing your task lists on Estateably’s platform, whether for Estates or Trusts Administration.  After creating a file through the Estateably platform, select ‘Task Templates’ from the left-hand menu of the Administrative section to create a pre-configured task template. Our intuitive system will guide you to selecting a ‘File type’--your practice area– and prompt the values ready for customization, including task description, to-do items, and more. After your template setup is complete, you can later select the template at the file level to add a list of ready-to-go tasks in every file that’s needed.

Customizable task lists are available to law firms subscribed to our Core or Advanced tier plans. Designed to remove manual administration from the routine tasks that come up file after file, they’re ideal for organizations with multiple users and for dealing with large volumes of files.

Benefits of Customizable Task Lists

If you’re currently using Estateably to power your estate administration practice, you’re already familiar with the great benefits of automation. Here’s how our customizable task lists tool builds on our existing functionality to give you more features and better optimization:


By using our customizable task lists feature, you can greatly enhance the accuracy of your work. Pre-configured task lists and to-do lists ensure you never miss any critical steps: simply select one of your configured task templates and watch dozens of relevant tasks automatically pulled into your case file. You can automate the due dates by linking different tasks together to ensure you never miss a deadline. With the ability to delete task templates as required, you can rest easy knowing that you always have the most up-to-date workflow in your organization’s synchronized system.

Streamlined Operations

Embracing customized task lists creates a more efficient workflow and a more productive law practice. Forget reinventing the wheel with every new case you take on; now you can simply use one of your pre-defined task lists as a starting point to pull in the relevant tasks for each particular case. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t overlook important tasks, and get everything scheduled in from the beginning. Even better, you can standardize processes across your entire organization, enabling everyone on your team to hit the ground running and easing the onboarding process for new staff.


Flexibility is at the heart of Estateably’s new customized task lists. This dynamic tool allows you to create unique workflows, with every step tailored to your field of practice, organizational structure, and local jurisdiction. We’ve also made it easy to edit your task lists so that you can modify your workflows in line with any developments in trust and estate regulation or to reflect any changes within your firm.

Streamline your Workflow with Estateably

Are you a trust and estates professional looking to introduce more streamlined methods of work for your team? Estateably’s dedicated platform makes light work of the administrative tasks associated with trust and estate management, freeing up your time for more valuable work. Take a look at our FAQs for more details on how to use our task list feature, or book a free demo to see our software in action.

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