What We'Ve Been Up To At Estateably

What We'Ve Been Up To At Estateably

Alex Wulkan
October 12, 2023

Over the last year, we've been laser-focused on two critical aspects of our business - growing our team and developing our platform for its launch in the coming months. My promise is that you will be hearing a lot more from us this year (and we couldn't be more excited).

2019 Tufts New Ventures Competition

On a personal level, 2019 was quite the year. Toeing the line between a full-time student while working on Estateably was, in fact, one of the most rewarding college experiences, culminating in being one of the winning teams at the annual Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition.

Being a part of the Entrepreneurship program at Tufts, and having incredible professors and mentors to lean on certainly kept me sane when work got crazy. Many moments stuck with me the most in the last three years, but one has been especially relevant as of late: in business, and especially in startups, leave your ego at home. Mark Ranalli's advice is something we have embedded in Estateably's core culture. We strive to embrace debate and radical honesty, all of which require setting ego aside in favour of empathy to drive the company forward.

We're excited about where we are, but even more for what the future holds. Here are some quick updates on what we've been building and the team that is behind it.

The Platform:

Perhaps the most amazing transformation has been seeing our platform evolve over the past 12 months. Starting with our first product in June that focused on expediting the tax clearance phase of estate settlement to what we have today: a robust platform that takes professionals through the process from start to finish. We focused on three principal value adds that every firm we spoke to underlined as pain points in the process today.

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  1. Lack of modern tools and automation
  2. High training costs and onboarding time
  3. Simplifying documentation and reporting

Time and time again, we have heard that professionals are using pen, paper, excel and form letters throughout the settlement process. Estateably empowers professionals to use modern tools to automate mundane, repetitive tasks saving time and effort.

This automation is in need from a workforce that requires a significant amount of training in the industry, as a majority of new hires have little to no experience settling estates. Our platform embeds jurisdiction-specific tasks and creates template workflows for the entire process to simplify a complex and costly training process.

Finally, we understand that documentation can be a burdensome yet necessary requirement in an industry that can carry a tremendous amount of legal liability. To eliminate retroactive and incomplete reporting, we have built intelligent documentation into the background, which is transformed into an audit log at the click of the button.

We're continuing to build out new features and functionalities every month and can't wait to share some of these improvements as the year progresses!

Who We Are (Today):

It's funny to think about what a year and a half can mean for the growth of our team. From three people sitting around a conference room table in the summer of 2018 to playing office Jenga to figuring out how to fit one more desk in our 700 square foot space. We're now bursting at the seams with our growing team of 12 covering design, development, product and customer success.

As always, if you are or know of anyone who wants to join the team, let me know directly at awulkan@estateably.com. We're always looking for curious, creative, passionate people to join our team!

Stay tuned; more updates are on their way!

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