What'S New In Estateably - July Recap

What'S New In Estateably - July Recap

Gabriel St-Maurice
October 12, 2023

Gone are the days of entering multiple transactions to reflect dividend reinvestments or new purchases of existing holdings. Users are able to benefit from the following new features:

1) One-Step Dividend Reinvestment

From the Inventory section, in an Estate Investment Account, you will have the option to Buy More Holdings:

  • Based on the price and number of units purchased, we will automatically calculate the weighted average
  • Upon the sale of the asset, we will automatically calculate a blended profit or loss for estate accounting purposes

From the Estate Accounting section, you will be able to run an additional Report on Holdings, which will break down all individual transactions to date for each holding.

2) Improved Functionality

Task Section

We recognize that no two estates are ever alike, even when completing tasks. Users can now add their own checklists to any task to better track and document the work they have done and need to do. We have also provided enhanced flexibility to in app task management including:

  • Users can add, edit, and re-order tasks with full flexibility
  • For new files, the "Not Applicable" status will remove tasks from the task list to reduce clutter
  • A new To-Do list within each task enables users to jot down custom sub-tasks and cross them off as they progress
Users can now add custom checklists and notes on any task

Distributions section

  • Distributions can now be logged to any account, not only the main estate bank account

3) Interface Improvements

Forms and Letters Section

To accommodate for our growing list of automated forms and template letter we have reorganized the forms and letters section in the application. This will help users find the forms they need quicker and provide simpler search capabilities throughout the sections.

  • Different categories are now much more prominent, enabling users to more clearly see what is available and navigate between categories
  • The search function now searches across all categories, providing easy access to our more than 120 forms and precedents

Documents Section

The documents section is a key component of our estate administration application. All uploaded documents be it via a task or ad-hoc process will live here, as well as any generated forms. The purpose of this section is to provide users with one easy to use, centralized repository where they can find any relevant document related to an estate file.

Estate document mangement in Estateably
  • Drag and drop document upload
  • Users can now create folders to centralize and organize their documents
  • Documents (docx, pdf, etc.) can also be uploaded, moved, and removed in bulk for added efficiency

Have an idea or feature you would like to see in Estateably? Submit your idea here and our product team will be in touch.

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